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Words of Wisdom for the Legal Sphere

Tip 10: New Firm’s Future Prospects

Switching law firms can be a daunting and overwhelming decision for any lawyer, whether they are just starting their career or have been in the

Tip 9: New Firm’s Location

When it comes to choosing a law firm, there are many factors that can influence a lawyer’s decision. One of the most crucial considerations is

Tip 8: New Firm’s Clients

As a lawyer looking to switch to a new law firm, it is important to take into consideration the new firm’s client base and what

Tip 7: New Firm’s Support System

Although it is extremely important, this one seems to get overlooked. Oftentimes, partners forget to ask about the support system before they sign a contract

Tip 5: New Firm’s Reputation

When lawyers make the decision to switch firms, it is important that they take into account their new firm’s reputation. This is something that should