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Tip 2: New Firm’s Culture

Choosing the right law firm culture is essential in helping lawyers and legal teams become successful. After all, the culture of a law firm determines how the team works together and how successful their work will be. At its core, a good law firm culture should foster collaboration, integrity, trust, and respect between attorneys, staff members, clients, and other stakeholders. It should provide an environment that encourages growth and development among all involved. The best way to determine if a law firm has the right culture for you is to look at their values and practices closely. Make sure the values they emphasize are ones that you can stand behind and believe in wholeheartedly. Ask about specific practices that demonstrate those values in action. Understand how relationships between colleagues are encouraged or discouraged through various policies or procedures. Every firm has its own unique culture. Some firms are more casual and collaborative, while others are more formal and competitive. So, when you are looking to make a law firm change, you need to take into consideration the new firm’s culture and if it matches your style.

Also make sure to pay attention to feedback from former employees or clients as well as current employees when researching a potential law firm’s culture. Sometimes these reviews can be invaluable in helping you decide whether the culture of a particular firm is right for you or not. Finally, take into consideration what kind of people are working at the firm when looking at its overall culture. Are they diverse? Do they come from different backgrounds? Are people with varied experiences represented within the ranks of attorneys or staff members? These factors can go a long way in better understanding what kind of atmosphere exists within a given law firm’s walls. All in all, choosing the right law firm culture is critical for any lawyer looking to set themselves up for success within their chosen profession. Taking time to assess values and doing your research on current feedback can go a long way towards making your decision easier. Let’s start a conversation about what options are available and let me help identify your ideal culture. Next Stewart’s Tip will be focused on ensuring the new firm’s practice areas align with your professional specialty.

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