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Tip 3: New Firm’s Practice Areas

The decision to switch law firms can be a difficult one. With the many variables involved in this process, it is important for lawyers to ensure they are making the right choice. One of the most important steps for lawyers when switching firms is to take special care to make sure that their new firm has the legal practice area or areas which they specialize in. Having expertise in a specific area of law is an invaluable asset that lawyers bring to their respective firms. If the new firm does not have their specific area of practice, then the lawyers may find themselves unable to apply their skills and knowledge as they did at their previous firm. This could lead to an unhappy situation for everyone involved.

Further, some legal practice areas require specialized compliance requirements and regulatory knowledge in order to provide expert advice. Without these resources at hand, a lawyer may be unable to properly advise clients on applicable rules and regulations within a particular field of law. Such a mismatch between expertise and available resources could cause frustration for both client and lawyer alike. In addition, lawyers should consider any potential conflicts of interest that may arise between former clients and any new clients they may acquire at their new firm. Keeping up with all applicable bar association guidelines regarding ethical considerations is important for both current and prospective clients – as well as any lawyers changing firms. It’s essential that lawyers thoroughly research any potential new firms before making the switch to ensure that required areas of practice are readily available – as well as all other resources necessary for successful legal representation – including rules regarding conflicts of interest and applicable regulatory compliance requirements related to certain fields of law. Lawyers must take responsibility for ensuring that their new firm meets all necessary requirements before committing themselves professionally to a switch. Does this sound overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be. Reach out and let’s discuss some options and let me help you match with a firm that has your area of practice available. Stay tuned for the next Stewart’s Tip which looks at the new firm’s compensation structure.

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