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Tip 5: New Firm’s Reputation

When lawyers make the decision to switch firms, it is important that they take into account their new firm’s reputation. This is something that should be done prior to signing any contracts or even making an official move. It’s important for lawyers to look into their potential new firm’s reputation because this will have a major bearing on how other professionals and clients will view the lawyer. For starters, it’s vital to research the firm’s standing with the state Bar Association. Most state Bar Associations provide reports of any disciplinary proceedings that may have occurred in the past. It also allows you to double-check if any of the attorneys at the firm are facing current disciplinary proceedings or are currently under investigation for violations of ethics rules or violations of law. Lawyers need to be aware of these aspects before making a move, as it could unintentionally tarnish their own reputation in the long run.

In addition, lawyers should investigate what other lawyers and judges think about their potential new firm by asking around within their network and reading online reviews (if available). These opinions can be especially helpful when deciding whether or not another law firm is a good fit for them and can help them avoid any potential pitfalls associated with joining a troubled law firm. Finally, researching media coverage surrounding the new law firm could be beneficial as well. This can give you an idea about how involved in politics or controversial cases they may be, which could create ethical conflicts down the road for you as an attorney joining that particular practice area. It is essential for attorneys looking to switch firms to thoroughly assess their potential new employer’s reputation before making a final decision. By taking time upfront and doing your due diligence, it can help ensure that you make an informed choice that doesn’t adversely impact your practice down the road due to issues related to your new firm’s reputation. Stay tuned for tip #6 which looks at evaluating the new firm’s opportunities for growth.

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